Supporting Wings4Kids, we try to travel through areas that can be helped by the service, often trying to meet with a family or two while away who have benefited from Wings4Kidz flights, to hear their stories.

The Late Mail Postie Bike Ride continues to grow through ensuring that everyone has a great week, seeing picturesque landscapes and all while raising money for a great cause, Wings4Kidz.

What to Bring

We’ll supply you with a bag with your name on it, as well as a couple of shirts and hats to wear along the way. Other things to pack are enough warm comfortable clothes for riding in for the week. Other than that, you just need to bring your helmet and a registered postie.


All of the food and accommodation is booked along the way and is included in your entry fee. All food will prepared by local bakers to pub kitchens making sure that you never go hungry! Sleeping quarters range from comfy pubs beds to motel suites along the way, meaning the only thing left for you is to turn up.

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